Episode 265: Healing Fashionably – an interview with Miranda Holder


Miranda Holder is a 46-year-old fashion stylist, TV stylist, college lecturer and animal rescue philanthropist from Hampshire, England. Her entertainment portfolio includes number one girl band Little Mix, music icon Boy George, and Hollywood actress Vanessa Williams. She is a regular TV Stylist on QVC, and she hosts her own highly regarded fashion podcast.

Ms. Holder’s life and entertainment career were stalled by injuries and illness following a near fatal auto accident. Shortly after suffering traumatic injuries to her lower legs, she also began to suffer from low energy, the flu, body aches, rashes, memory loss, insomnia, and hyper mobility. Unfortunately, the traumatic injuries consumed her doctors’ attention and her classic Lyme symptoms went ignored.

She was eventually diagnosed with Lyme disease “by accident via a kinesiologist” who was treating her daughter. Because she tested negative for Lyme on traditional tests administrated by her “GP in the UK,” she was “shocked” when she tested positive by the muscle testing followed by blood tests from Armin Laboratory in Germany.

Utilizing herbs (Klinghardt protocol), ozone therapy, a nutrition protocol, bioresonance, an infrared sauna, yoga, IV glutathione, IV vitamin C, and CBD Ms. Holder took control of her health and returned to a career in the entertainment industry.

If you would like to learn more about how an acclaimed fashion stylist overcame life threatening injuries and chronic Lyme disease to rekindle her love affair with fashion, the tune in now!