Episode 247: IGenex – an interview with Stuti Vora


This week Tick Boot Camp invited Stuti Vora, customer service supervisor of IGeneX, to discuss how and why IGeneX has become the laboratory most trusted by patients in the Lyme disease community. In this comprehensive interview Ms. Vora discusses:

  • The IGeneX origin story
  • Blood, urine, and miscellaneous testing options available through IGeneX
  • The new IGeneX Tick-Borne Disease Test Directory built to assist the patient community to find the information needed on Lyme and co-infection testing
  • How to quickly filter IGeneX testing options by price, disease, methodology, specimen type, and availability by state
  • How the IGeneX Immunoblot test has a sensitivity rate that is double the standard two-tier protocol
  • The IGeneX advantage of testing for more species and strains of tick-borne illness no matter when a patient was exposed
  • How IGeneX has armed scientists with the most cutting-edge technology in the world
  • Why IGeneX has committed to building partnerships with Lyme community groups such as ILADS, Bay Area Lyme Foundation, and the LivLyme Foundation.

If you would like to know more about how IGeneX can help you on your Lyme disease diagnostic and treatment journey, then tune in now!