Episode 237: The Health CEO – an interview with Nicole Oliveira


Nicole Oliveira is a 35-year-old marketing, advertising and brand professional from Charlotte, North Carolina. She lived and worked for most of her life in the eastern US Lyme belt states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York.

The Oliveira family’s Lyme disease journey began with a “bullseye rash” discovered by Nicole’s mother at the age of 4. Ms. Oliveira was treated with a short course of antibiotics and remained healthy until the age of 11 when she developed chronic migraine headaches.

Ms. Oliveira’s Lyme disease relapse went undiagnosed for one year because her pediatrician dismissed her symptoms and accused her of “making it up… [due to the] anxiety of attending a new school for 6th grade.” Unfortunately, this wasn’t the last time she was “dismissed by a healthcare professional.”

At the age of 27, she again began to suffer a health decline. Trained and empowered by her parents, who had been her “biggest health advocates” during her childhood, Ms. Oliveira listened to her body, took control of her doctors, and rebuilt her health and her life.

Today, Ms. Oliveira is working, engaged to be married and “preparing [her] body to be as healthy as it can be to hopefully have a baby in the near(ish) future”. If you would like to learn more about how a young woman overcame childhood Lyme disease and medical gaslighting by becoming the CEO of her health, then tune in now!