Episode 212: Instinctive & Intelligent – an interview with Tiara Smith


Tiara Smith is a 27-year-old financial industry marketing specialist from Kansas who was introduced to Lyme disease by a spouse suffering from the chronic disease.

Inspired to assist her wife overcome the illness, Ms. Smith joined Lyme groups and studied the work of Dr Bill Rawls and herbalist Stephen Buhner. As she witnessed her spouse go “through hell on antibiotics,” she searched for a sustainable treatment protocol.

Over time, Ms. Smith grew increasingly concerned that she could contract Lyme through intimate contact with her spouse. She discussed her concerns with a medical doctor and was advised that she should abandon her concerns about sexual transmission.

Despite taking steps to protect against intimate transmission, she began to exhibit symptoms that mirrored those of her spouse. Her first doctor refused to clinically diagnose and treat her classic Lyme symptoms because a blood test disclosed only a single positive Lyme band.

Undeterred by the failures of traditional medicine, Ms. Smith began to treat Lyme disease by utilizing the Dr. Rawls Vital Plan Restore kit with some additional herbal add-ons. She grew to believe that the only way to regain her health was to “become her own herbalist.”

If you would like to learn more about how herbal tools were used to defeat sexually transmitted Lyme disease, then tune in now!