Episode 193: Inner Glow – an interview with Katie DePaola


Katie DePaola is an entrepreneur, author and the creative force behind a globally recognized education and training program. She is the founder of Inner Glow Circle, a company dedicated to training and certifying woman as life coaches. Ms. DePaola’s Lyme disease experience began with a tick bite suffered the summer before she moved to Nashville, Tennessee to attend the elite Vanderbilt University. For the 9 years following her tick bite, the formerly energetic young woman suffered declining health with symptoms that included extreme fatigue, constant pain, mood swings and paralysis to her hands, feet, and face. Despite consulting and treating with over 30 health care practitioners, her mysterious illness went undiagnosed until she visited the famous LLMD Dr. Joseph Jemsek, MD. Between 2014 and 2017, she treated with several well-known Lyme disease specialists where she learned how to rebuild her health and, in the process, discovered her life’s purpose! Ms. DePaola’s spiritual journey laid the foundation for her to build and run a successful business and in 2020 to publish the acclaimed book “At Least You Look Good: Learning How to GLOW Through What You Go Through.” If you would like to learn how a young entrepreneur discovered her Greatest Level of Want (GLOW); i.e., want for herself, for others and for the world, then tune in now!