Episode 188: Mighty Well – an interview with Emily Levy


Emily Levy is the 27-year-old visionary female entrepreneur and co-founder of Mighty Well. Mighty Well is a medical wearables company that grew from a vascular access equipment company (PICCPerfect) to a community that has defined the Adaptive Fashion industry. Ms. Levy’s journey to CEO of a venture capital backed category king began when she was bitten by a tick at the age of 6. For the following 6 years, untreated Lyme disease presented as chronic illness without a diagnosis until the end of Ms. Levy’s first year of college. The many trials faced by Ms. Levy and her 2 best friends and caregivers during their collective college experiences became the inspiration for the three to start a movement “to change the perception of patients from victims to fighters.” If you would like to learn more about how functional and stylish apparel, accessories and medical wearables were manifested by Lyme disease and the love that developed between 3 college classmates, then tune in now!