Episode 186: Powering Through Lyme – an interview with Ava Passarelli and Liza Blas


Ava Passarelli is a 15-year-old young woman from Chicago, Illinois. Ava lives with her dynamic mother Liza Blas, her father, and her younger brother. Prior to attending high school, Ava attending a sleep away camp in Minnesota where she suffered multiple tick bites over two summer seasons. The summer camp officials did not notify Ava’s parents of the tick bites, nor did they provide Ava with prophylactic medical treatment. Ava’s parents discovered that Ava was bitten by a tick after they received a letter from their daughter 10 days after one tick bite incident. Shortly after returning home from her summer camping experience, Ava began to suffer various neurological Lyme disease symptoms that were diagnosed by health care providers as anxiety, depression, OCD, eating disorders and Tourette syndrome. Eventually, a Chinese medicine doctor offered to test Ava for Lyme disease using an IGeneX test kit that returned positive results for Lyme disease. Ava’s mother Liza built a multi-level healing framework for her daughter by locating and hiring many of the most highly regarded treatment professionals in the world; including in-patient treatment at Sanoviv Medical Institute in Mexico, Michelle McKeon (Tick Boot Camp Podcast episode 141) of Lyme and Cancer Services in New York and the renowned Lyme Literate Integrative Medical Doctor, Doctor Casey Kelley (Tick Boot Camp Podcast episode 98), MD, of Case Integrative Health. If you would like to learn more about how Ava Passarelli and her mother Liza Blas are working together to power through Lyme disease, then tune in now!