Episode 181: Captain America – an interview with John Tubbs


John Tubbs is a 41-year-old empathic Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Health Coach from upstate Slingerlands, New York. His Lyme disease journey began at the age of 27 when he suffered classic flu like symptoms, intense neck pain and Bell’s Palsy. He was diagnosed with Lyme disease by a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) and achieved short term remission after being treated with several courses of antibiotics. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Tubbs suffered a relapse and Lyme disease "came back with a vengeance" causing him to become chronically ill and hospitalized. Mr. Tubbs was determined to heal and intuitively understood he had to become his own advocate, doctor, and a student of self-care. He also learned that he had to connect with other people in the chronic illness community where he found a "kindred community of people who understood him." To give back to the "kindred community," Mr. Tubbs was inspired to create the BeYourOwnPhysician Instagram page. If you would like to learn more about how a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Health Coach is using the lessons he learned on his personal Lyme disease journey to help others build a tool box for healing, then tune in now!