Episode 180: Love Wins – an interview with Tori Piskin


Tori Piskin is a 30-year-old comedian, producer, editor and podcaster from Los Angeles, California. Ms. Piskin was raised in a traditional close-knit New York Jewish familial environment. Her family was activated to help as soon as her chronic symptoms presented during her senior year of college. She was diagnosed and in treatment with a well-known Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) within months of the onset of her symptoms. After graduating from college, Ms. Piskin returned home to earn a "graduate degree in Lyme disease" by dedicating herself to "full time healing." During that time, she and her family filmed and posted the highs and the lows of her Lyme journey on YouTube. YouTube served to channel Ms. Piskin’s talents and to validate the Lyme experience for others in the community. Today, Ms. Piskin describes her health as "87 percent" improved and she is "taking care of herself" by "listening to her body." If you would like to learn more about how an entertainer and media professional is dedicating her vast talents to sharing the humorous love and support she received on her healing journey, then tune in now!