Episode 175: Lyme Literate Lawyer – an interview with Paola Leichter


Paola Leichter is a 35-year-old attorney from New Jersey. During her senior year in college, she developed full body seizures. Soon thereafter, she suffered additional classic chronic Lyme disease symptoms. Somehow, she found the fortitude to grit though the illness to complete law school, an advanced law degree (LLM), pass two bar examinations (New York and New Jersey) and complete a prestigious judicial clerkship. During her diagnostic journey, she visited some of the most respected medical professionals in her community, including an LLMD. She was finally diagnosed when she was fortunately treated by a substitute ENT. At her sickest, Ms. Leichter weighed 90 lbs. and was too weak to leave her bed. Today, she has recovered her weight, began driving and returned to the practice of law. If you would like to learn more about how a Lyme Literate Lawyer won an acquittal over Lyme disease, then tune in now!