Episode 169: Full Spectrum Healing – an interview with Danielle Pashko


Danielle Pashko is a nutritionist and author working at a clinical medical practice based in New York City, New York. After overcoming a battle and writing a book on thyroid cancer, she began to exhibit symptoms of Lyme disease. Her Lyme disease went undiagnosed for over a year despite visiting 14 doctors exhibiting classic symptoms. Ms. Pashko was finally diagnosed after her primary care doctor tested her for Lyme. She utilized a broad spectrum of spiritual, emotional, eastern and western treatment modalities over 2 years to achieve remission. In December of 2020, Ms. Pashko contracted COVID which triggered a Lyme relapse. Today, she is returning to the treatment tools she utilized to heal from Lyme. If you would like to learn more about how nutritionist Danielle Pashko is revisiting her treatment successes to attack her Lyme relapse, then tune in now!