Episode 164: Fighting Spirit – an Interview with Lindsay Ruiz


Lindsay Ruiz is a 44-year-old large scale corporate organizational change leadership professional from Charlotte, North Carolina. Ms. Ruiz earned her B.S. in her native Venezuela, a master’s degree in the United States and she is currently doctoral candidate. Ms. Ruiz presented classic Lyme disease symptoms to over 20 medical professionals over the course of one year. One of the doctors that helped Ms. Ruiz on her diagnostic journey was her dog’s veterinarian. Ms. Ruiz’s psychologist reviewed her medical records and discovered she had tested positive for Lyme disease with one of her previous doctors. She then took an Igenex test which confirmed her Lyme diagnosis. Ms. Ruiz is now working with the brilliant Doctor Tiffany Brown-Bush and is showing promising results. If you would like to learn more about how Lindsay Ruiz used her organic fighting spirit to overcome medical gaslighting, then tune in now!