Episode 159: The Lyme Therapist – an interview with Christina Kantzavelos


Christina Kantzavelos is a UCLA educated licensed psychotherapist, professional content writer and blogger from Joshua Tree, California. Ms. Kantzavelos is the creative force behind the highly regarded daily healing journal “Begin Within.” She developed “Begin Within” because she could not find a journal while on her Lyme disease journey that offered both physical and mental health prompts. Ms. Kantzavelos’ Lyme diagnostic journey was long and painful. At the age of 29, she had to take a professional leave of absence and return home to live with her mother because her Lyme symptoms rendered her unable to care for herself. Today, she is living independently, seeing patients part-time, promoting her journal and working on several Lyme disease and chronic illness projects. If you would like to learn more about how a psychotherapist utilized various tools, including journaling, to heal her mind and body from Lyme disease, then tune in now!