Doctor Tiffany Brown-Bush

Tiffany Brown-Bush

Doctor Tiffany Brown-Bush’s Lyme Hack:

“So excited to be participating yet again in the Lyme Hackathon. My tip is to look every day for evidence of healing. Whether it’s improved stamina, energy, brain clarity, speech improvements, sleep is improved, lack of floaters, pain in the neck, joint achiness, or digestion improvements, look for something that’s a little bit better than it was the day before. And then what I want you to do is count the number of minutes or days or weeks or months of that improvement. What I find is so often there’s a focus on the fact that you’re not 100% better. You miss the process. Check into the process that will help you with your healing journey, and it will help your body to feel calmer which we need during the process. Be well!” – Doctor Tiffany Brown-Bush