Doctor Nancy Fox

Dr. Nancy Fox

Dr. Nancy Fox’s Lyme Hack:

Dr. Nancy Fox, president of the Lyme Education Awareness Foundation (LEAF), provides some great Lyme tips! L – LEARN about your health. LISTEN to yourself and others. LOVE yourself for the grace, connection, and peace. We know this journey can be challenging. E – EXPLORE how you can heal. EXPERIENCE the love and connection from the Lyme community. EDCUATE yourself. A – be AWARE that you are not alone. ADOPT a Lyme friend. ACCEPT that you are here in this moment for a greater purpose. F – FIND the connection and love of others. FUTURE, in this moment – heal, rest, take action, or just be. FESTIVAL, celebrate the moments that you are healing. Remember, the journey is real.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Fox and LEAF, then tune in to episode 7 of our Tick Boot Camp Podcast!