Doctor Jessica Peatross

Doctor Jess Peatross

Dr. Jess Peatross’ Lyme Hack:

“What’s up guys, I’m Dr. Jess and today I’d like to talk to you a little bit about Lyme disease and give you a tip towards healing because I know it can be a war and a big health journey. What I’ve come to find out in most recent years is that most people have nervous system dysregulation. When your nervous system is out of homeostasis, or you’re stuck in sympathetic overdrive, it becomes almost impossible to heal. Now your body is always trying to protect you. So if you’re stuck in sympathetic overdrive, it can be because you’re living in mold, which can make Lyme disease worse, or it can be that your body is constantly in fight or flight because it’s fighting. So once you have healed you need to address the nervous system. It can be the last 20% of your healing that you haven’t gotten done. And the way you do that is through limbic brain retraining, learning to feel safe and that you belong in the world. And this really is getting the truck out of the ruts, like a truck stuck in the mud, your neurons are firing in a certain rut, so helping to feel safe and secure. Retraining your brain through Dynamic Neural Retraining Systems (DNRS), Primal Trust, Gupta’s Program, or The Way Out is a wonderful way to help your body feel safe and heal from Lyme. Good luck, guys.”