Doctor Greg Lee

Greg Lee

Dr. Greg Lee’s Lyme Hack:

“Hey, it’s Greg Lee here from the Lyme research and Healing Center here in Frederick, Maryland. What’s my biggest life hack? It’s frequency-specific microcurrent or FSM. FSM uses anti-microbial, anti-toxin, and anti-inflammatory frequencies. Then, you can send them anywhere in the body, whether it be in the blood, the organs, the gut, the liver, or the brain. And these frequencies are custom programmed for each person to address their unique symptoms, infections, and toxins. And we use FSM to fight Lyme and co-infections in the joints. We use FSM to lower inflammation in the nervous system. We use FSM to break up biofilms in the blood. We use FSM to zap pain in the brain and also to heal leaky gut. It’s helped thousands of Lyme patients to break through relapsing Lyme symptoms. Take care, talk to you soon.”