Doctor Ashley Beckman’s Lyme Hack

Ashley Beckman

Lyme Disease Tip Summary:

Dr. Ashley Beckman shares an essential Lyme hack with the Tick Boot Camp community, emphasizing the importance of addressing mold exposure and toxicity in Lyme disease treatment:

  1. Importance of Ruling Out Mold Toxicity: Dr. Beckman stresses the need to check for mold exposure and toxicity, as many patients with Lyme disease also show significant levels of mycotoxins in their tests.
  2. Impact of Mold on Lyme and Co-infections: Mold can activate latent viruses, Lyme disease, and its co-infections. By identifying and addressing mold toxicity, patients can see an improvement in their condition.
  3. Boosting the Immune System: Eliminating mycotoxins from the body aids the immune system in fighting off Lyme disease and its co-infections more effectively. This process helps in getting a clearer understanding of the actual impact of Lyme on the body.
  4. Improvement in Symptoms: Treating and managing mycotoxins can lead to a significant reduction in Lyme symptoms and hinder the proliferation of the disease.

Dr. Beckman’s approach underscores the significance of comprehensive testing and treatment that includes checking for mold exposure. By addressing mold toxicity, patients can experience an enhanced response to Lyme disease treatment, resulting in better health outcomes.

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Video Transcript:
“My Lyme hack that I want to share with the Tick Boot Camp community is to make sure and rule out mold exposure and mold toxicity. A lot of times I see that a lot of clients have quite a bit of mycotoxins in their testing when we do that, and it’s really important to check because mold can ignite and reactivate latent viruses and Lyme and co-infections. So we want to make sure that you’re addressing those because by eliminating the mycotoxins often what we can do is help the immune system better fight off some of the Lyme and co-infections. So when we clear out the mycotoxins, we’re getting a better picture of what’s really going on with Lyme. And we want to make sure and do this because you can work on treating and working with the mycotoxins and sometimes your symptoms and proliferation of Lyme get much better.” – Doctor Ashley Beckman