Daisy White

Daisy White

Daisy White’s Lyme Hack:

Daisy White shares that dental health is almost as important as the rest of your body. If you’re dealing with long-term chronic infection, Lyme disease, or co-infections make sure that in the Rubik’s cube of unfolding the issues you have that you include your dental health. Make sure you have a good biological dentist that gives you all the options. Look at taking away root canals, metal free dentistry, and cavitations. Know you can deal with the issues in your mouth, and you CAN get through Lyme disease!

Growing up, Daisy traveled all over the world, visiting places like Italy and Spain. She spent time in tick endemic communities on Long Island and in Massachusetts. She also experienced weird health problems throughout her childhood. All of that worsened when Ms. White took a trip to Africa in college. She got terribly sick with dysentery, and by her senior year, thought that she was going to die. Ms. White was struggling to hold down food and had terrible pain all over her body. In her mid-40s, due to dental struggles, she was referred to a doctor who finally diagnosed her with Lyme disease. If you would like to learn more about how Daisy White is using her tick disease journey to be an advocate for others, then tune in to episode 80 of our Tick Boot Camp Podcast!


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