Ashley Marba’s Lyme Hack

Ashley Marba

Lyme Disease Tip Summary:

Ashley Marba, a member of the Tick Boot Camp family affected by Lyme disease along with her entire family, shares a crucial tip focused on gut health on the Lyme Hackathon, which is key in managing Lyme disease:

  1. Focus on Gut Health: Recognizing that the majority of the immune system resides in the gut, and it significantly influences mood, Ashley stresses the importance of maintaining a healthy gut.
  2. Dietary Adjustments: Reducing inflammatory foods and increasing high-fiber options are essential steps. These dietary changes can significantly impact overall health, especially for those suffering from Lyme disease.
  3. Prebiotics and Liver Cleansing: Ashley has found great benefits in taking high-quality prebiotics and a liver cleansing agent, particularly milk thistle, before meals. This practice has been a game-changer for her, aiding in digestion and liver health.
  4. Probiotics for Overall Well-being: Consuming high-quality probiotics with meals supports gut health, elimination processes, mood, and sleep. Probiotics have a broad impact on various aspects of health, which is particularly beneficial for individuals dealing with Lyme disease.

Ashley hopes that by sharing her experience and the strategies that have worked for her family, others struggling with Lyme disease can find relief and improve their quality of life through focused gut health management.

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Video Transcript:
“Hi, Tick Boot Camp family, Ashley here. I have my Lyme tip for the Lyme Hackathon. Not only do I have Lyme, but so does my entire family. The thing that has helped us the most is focusing on our gut health because that’s where the majority of your immune system lies and it affects your mood. So reducing inflammatory foods, increasing high fiber, and something that’s helped me the most, is taking a high-quality prebiotic and a liver cleansing agent. I love milk thistle right before I eat. That has been a game changer for me and then also taking a high-quality probiotic with my meals really helps support my gut, my elimination, my mood, and my sleep. It actually has an impact on so many things. So, I hope that helps. Take care, Bye.” – Ashley Marba