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Doctor Ashley Beckman

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About Dr. Beckman
Dr. Ashley Beckman is a highly esteemed expert in the field of integrative health. As a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, an Epigenetics expert, and a Functional Medicine practitioner, Dr. Beckman is dedicated to creating custom healing programs that address the ROOT CAUSE of chronic conditions and symptoms. With her unique combination of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Medicine, Dr. Beckman empowers her clients to live a life of optimal health and longevity.

Client Experience
Clients from all walks of life turn to Dr. Beckman’s expertise and result-oriented approach to regain their radiant health. Her methods focus on unearthing what ROOT CAUSES are negatively impacting the client’s health and lifestyle. Dr. Beckman’s commitment to tailored protocols addresses individual needs and those of the family. If the journey to recovery involves the entire family, you can rest assured that she will create a comprehensive plan that includes everyone.

Dr. Beckman’s Health Journey
Just like many of her clients, Dr. Beckman has lived through (and resolved) her share of health challenges, some diagnosed by Western medicine and some that took years to finally appear on standard labs. She has successfully navigated her way back to health from conditions like mold exposure, Lyme disease, auto-immune thyroid imbalances, migraines, arthritis, brain fog, fatigue, and fibroids. Her firsthand experience combined with her professional training and expertise creates an empathetic and results-focused approach to her clients’ health issues.

Specialty Programs
Dr. Beckman offers tailored programs that can last from six to twelve months, or sometimes even longer for chronic conditions. Rather than spending years wondering why you’re not getting better, diving into one of her customized programs will help get to the bottom of your symptoms and discover the root causes contributing to your health concerns. This approach saves you time, money, and most importantly, aids in getting your life back on track.

Working with Dr. Beckman
Whether you’re a long-term sufferer of chronic illness or someone looking to optimize their health, Dr. Beckman is prepared to guide you on the journey to recovery. Her clients often include mothers unable to function, run their businesses, or care for their children as they used to. But she is well-equipped to support entire families when mold and toxins, which are often present in the home, affect most of the family members.

Book an Appointment or Discovery Call
To start your journey back to vitality, schedule an appointment with Dr. Ashley Beckman. If you’d prefer to discuss your situation before booking an appointment, consider booking a free 15-minute discovery call. It’s time to reclaim your health and upgrade your life with Dr. Beckman’s help.