Arianne Jones

Arianne Jones

Arianne Jones’ Lyme Hack:

“Hi Tick Boot Camp. My name is Arianne Jones. I’m an Olympian, a plant based chef and holistic nutritionist. I’m also fighting my heart out, like many of you to battle Lyme disease. I was diagnosed with Lyme and many co-infections that come with it a year ago now, but I first became really sick four years ago. I just bounced around from doctor to doctor for three years, not knowing what was going on, like many of you have that story as well. My Lyme tips today come in two parts, one mental and one physical, really bringing that mind and body together, which I love. To start off, my first tip is becoming aware of your self talk, that voice in your head. It took me a really long time to realize that my own self talk was constantly critical. It was rude, and to be honest, I was a bully to myself. A lot of the time it was about attaching my self worth to my productivity and what I was accomplishing during the day. It sounded a lot like this in my head. ‘You’re not enough, you didn’t really accomplish anything today. Just push through the pain, you’re really going to nap midday, you haven’t even done anything yet to deserve that. All you can do today is take a bath, that’s weak. How about…’ then I’d start negotiating with myself. ‘First try and exercise or go for a walk or do those emails and then you can have a bath because you’ll deserve it.’ I was also super critical of my body image and any gained weight or how my body was changing. Even though my body was fighting for its life inside every day. I realized that I would never speak to others that way. How I was speaking to myself. I realized it one day when I was on the phone with a friend who was having a pretty hard time and I said to her like ‘Cruel just take the night and have a bath, take the night off. You deserve it. You’re incredible. I’m so proud of you.’ And I realized again in that moment like, Whoa, I do not speak to myself that way. How come I can be the biggest cheerleader of other people but never to myself. So my tip is practicing compassion towards yourself. To speak to yourself with kindness, and speak to your body with kindness. It’s, your body is working so hard 100% of the time to try and heal and to get healthy and it needs your love, not your critique. It isn’t easy. And it’s a practice but I promise it’s worth it because I realized you can’t heal when the person that you hang out with 100% of the time, yourself, is mean and critical. So my tip is to speak to yourself like you would speak to your best friend.”

Arianne Jones’ Bonus Lyme Hack

“My second tip for you is a lifestyle shift entirely-food. I really believe we are made of what we eat, drink, think and do. And I’m constantly blown away by how the food I eat directly and almost instantly affects how I feel. Eating an anti-inflammatory diet has been a game changer for me as disease thrives and feeds on inflammation in your body. So I now eat gluten free, dairy free, refined, sugar free and mostly plant-based. And that may sound hard, but I didn’t just do it overnight. It was just one step at a time changing new habits until I got to this place, which made a huge, huge difference. I actually just created an e-book that I think you guys are gonna love. It’s called Let’s Get Saucy. And it’s got six sauce recipes that are my absolute favorites. I always have about one to two of them in my fridge and they instantly upgrade any meal and just boost them with nutrients. One of the recipes actually came to me when I was having a Lyme flare day. And I was just exhausted. I needed some healthy food. I didn’t know what to do, I just opened the fridge and I can toss some veggies in a bowl, it’s all I had energy for, seeds, and found like hummus nutritionally used in miso, combined them together and made this cheesy hummus that ended up being delicious and is now one of my favorite go to sauces when I’m feeling exhausted with Lyme or otherwise. It also comes with 8 bonus plant-based recipes that they taste really amazing on plus grocery lists. I wanted to make it really easy to bring to life and some bonus nutritional facts throughout. I really think you’ll all love it. So go check it out. And let me know what you think. I love receiving messages from all of you. And I really feel like we’re in this together. So in the next few weeks I’m also coming out with like two more free e-books, one with treats. All of us need treats, right? Especially like in these uncertain times of the world right now, I really always want treats, but I still want to have treats but still feel incredible afterwards and still keep my body in that healing state. So they’re all going to be gluten free and vegan and refined sugar free but made with like real Whole Foods and full of nutrients but really delicious, like bars, energy balls, vegan cheesecakes, brownies, things like that. Let me know actually commenting below if there any specific treats that you guys want to see. So another one I’m going to create too if you guys are interested is like three superfood elixirs because when I’m feeling Lymie and horrible, I don’t know about you, but I get really nauseous and I don’t want any food. But I know that I need food to ensure that my body stays healthy. So I came up with three superfood elixirs that are full of immune boosting ingredients like mushrooms in superfoods, but yet they’re super simple to batch makeup so that you always have them in the fridge ready for you whenever you might need, even if you have absolute minimal energy, which happens to us a lot. So if you’re interested in any of those recipes, actually just head to the link in my bio and sign up. And I can’t wait to see you there and support you through these times. I’m sending you love and strength. Stay strong. We’re in this together. I know we’ve got this. I do.”