Ann Pennington, Mrs. USA Earth

Ann Pennington, Mrs. USA Earth

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Mrs. USA Earth 2023
Ann Pennington of New Jersey won the Mrs. USA Earth 2023 annual international pageant on Saturday, January 7 at the Linda Chapin Theater of the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

United States of America’s Mrs. 2021
No stranger to pageantry, Ann previously won the United States of America’s Mrs. 2021 national title.

Past Community Work
For over a decade, Pennington has been an advocate, fundraiser, and board member for homeless charities in New Jersey. She sits on boards for both Covenant House and HABcore. “Homelessness is directly impacted by climate change and the homeless are more often the most impacted,” said Pennington. “This is a fantastic opportunity to combine so many things that are important to me and increase my effectiveness.”

Lyme Disease Advocacy
Ann was recently diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease after struggling with symptoms for years. Today, Ann has decided to use her platform to advocate for the Lyme disease community because “that tick bit the wrong chick”. She has also developed a “spray before you play” campaign to help keep young children safe from the dangers of tick bites.