Developing a Three Step Guide to Freedom!


Tick! For some this very name can run a surge of terror in the heart. Every year countless people suffer from Lyme and other tick-related diseases, which ruins their lives.  

But, with proper precautions and following a three steps framework you can protect yourself and your loved ones from this disaster.

Tick diseases are like Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). When you find out that your partner has an STD, you either avoid them or take proper hygienic precautions to make sure that it is not transferred. Much like an STD if you are not exposed to a tick or if you take precautions the tick will not harm you or infect you with a tick disease like Lyme disease.  

For this to happen, you need to educate yourself with which tools are available and which tool to use (more on this later).

There are plenty of materials out there on Lyme Disease, which will educate you on the different aspects of the disease.

But, we are shooting for something different here. We have developed a podcast for people who fall under the following three categories:

  1. People who are seeking tools to protect themselves from the bacteria, viruses and parasites that a tick may carry. These people may include moms, hikers, hunters, and members of active military.
  2. People who are already victimized by tick diseases, such as Lyme Disease, and looking for more effective, actionable solutions. People who are looking to protect their family members because tick diseases are family diseases.
  3. People who are suffering from chronic illness. Research has shown that knowing the proper healing process can actually boost the process. Knowing this, they may decide to get tested again from a reliable company like IGeneX, which in turn may enhance their healing process.

Now that you know who can benefit from this system, it’s time to point out people who may not be benefit from the Tick Boot Camp podcast:

  1.  People who think that climate change is a myth and it is not a man-made phenomenon. Climate change is one of the prime reasons that ticks are increasing in number. Because of climate change, ticks have extended breeding periods and are more likely to live to adulthood. Given that, tick exposure has increased exponentially.
  2. People who believe that Lyme Disease has no chronic symptoms because there is plenty of living breathing proof of Chronic Lyme Disease illness.
  3. People who are, to put it quite bluntly – science geeks. We are here to give an actionable solutions to ordinary people who want to protect themselves and their family from ticks and tick diseases. Here, we will use everyday terms to describe the tools that can be used to defend yourself as well as your family. We will provide guidance on the use of DNA encoded tools that are already available within ourselves to protect against this horror.               

The goal of our journey is to provide a three step system to protect against tick exposure. We will focus on:

  1. Protection techniques 
  2. Detection techniques
  3. Early intervention techniques

In the next blog post, we will share pictures of a real tick that is properly tested and confirmed as a culprit.

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